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    Type of Medium: Book
    Pages: XXIII, 377 S.
    ISBN: 9783319732527 , 9783319732534 , 9783319892450
    Series Statement: ICME-13 Monographs
    Language: German
    Note: This book focuses on issues related to mathematics teaching and learning resources, including mathematics textbooks, teacher guides, student learning and assessment materials, and online resources. The book highlights various theoretical and methodological approaches used to study teaching and learning resources, and addresses the areas of resources, teachers, and students at an international level. As for the resources, the book examines the role textbooks and other curricular or learning resources play in mathematics teaching, learning, and assessment. It asks questions such as: Could we consider different types of textbooks and roles they play in teaching and learning? How does the digitalization of information and communication affect these roles? What are defining features of e-textbooks, and how could we characterize the differences between the traditional textbooks and e-textbooks? As for the teachers, the book discusses the relationships between teachers’ individual and collective resources, and the way in which we could model such relationships. Specific questions addressed are: What is the role of teachers in developing textbooks and other teaching and learning materials? What are the relationships between resource designers and users? What are the consequences of these changing roles and relationships for the teaching of mathematics, and for teacher knowledge and professional development? As for the students, the book explores how students, as well as their teachers, interact through resources. It raises and addresses questions such as: What are the effects of modern ICT (particularly internet) on students’ use and the design of resources? How do changing patterns of use and design affect student behaviour, learning, and relationships to the subject of mathematics?
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    Keywords: Erfahrung ; Lehrer ; Unterrichtsentwurf ; Unterrichtsforschung ; Unterrichtsplanung ; Professionalisierung ; Chinese ; Online
    In: ZDM : the international journal on mathematics education, Bd. 43 (2011) H. 6-7, S. 833-845, 1863-9690
    In: 1863-9704
    Description / Table of Contents: Online study collaboration is a recent professional development approach that goes beyond school and regional boundaries and even helps reach rural schools in China. In this study, we focused on a specific online study collaboration program to examine its potential benefits for improving participating teachers' expertise in instructional design. Data were collected from the online study collaboration organizers and four main participating schools. The results reveal the program's well-structured process and organization for planning and conducting the online study collaboration. Participating teachers benefited from their sharing and discussions with experts and other teachers. Their instructional designs show many important changes that are aligned with experts' comments. Selected teachers' expertise improvement includes their knowledge about the textbook and content, their perspectives about students' learning and instruction, and their learning of different instructional approaches to engage students in classroom instruction. The use of online study collaboration for improving teachers' expertise and the study's limitations are then discussed.
    Type of Medium: Article
    ISSN: 1863-9690 , 1863-9704
    Language: English
    FIS Link: 981861
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    Keywords: Pädagogik ; Grundschule ; Lehrer ; Lehramtsstudiengang ; Lehrerausbildung ; Schulpraktikum ; Fachwissenschaft ; Studienplan ; Referendariat ; Internationaler Vergleich ; Zulassungsverfahren ; China ; USA
    In: International education, Bd. 35 (2006) H. 2, S. 5-26, 0160-5429
    Description / Table of Contents: The authors present the results of their comparative analysis of two elementary teacher preparation programs, one in P. R. China and one in the U.S. Their analysis was conducted in program admission standards/requirements, course requirements, field experience, student teaching, and exit program evaluation. Findings indicated that both programs target local culture and include each of the above components with differences shown across all identified aspects. (DIPF/Orig.).
    Type of Medium: Article
    ISSN: 0160-5429
    Language: English
    Note: Tabellen , Literaturangaben
    FIS Link: 791309
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    Keywords: Bildungsreform ; Sekundarstufe I ; Schulbuch ; Illustration ; Mathematikunterricht ; Online-Publikation ; China
    In: Jones, Keith (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematics Textbook Research and Development (ICMT-2014)., Southampton: University of Southampton (2014), S. 563-568, 978-0-85432-984-7
    In: 978-0-85432-985-4
    Description / Table of Contents: As a medium of knowledge learning, textbook illustration has become an integral part of textbooks, especially for mathematics. On the one hand, symbolic-graphic combination is the basic characteristics of mathematics as well as an important kind of mathematical thinking method; on the other hand, mathematics is an abstract and formal subject so illustrations play an essential role in facilitating students' comprehension of abstract numbers, symbols and language. Following the implementation of curriculum reform in China in 2001, great changes have taken place in mathematics textbooks for junior high school, change of illustrations included. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical basis for the selection and arrangement of illustrations. This paper analyses differences between the main mathematics textbook in China (PEP edition) using the method of comparative analysis in order to study changes of illustrations. In this research, mathematics textbooks for grade 7 to grade 9 are focused on. Two conclusions can be drawn from the research. First, the number of illustrations changes greatly; second, with functions of decoration, characterization, organization and explanation, the illustrations introduced in new textbooks can facilitate students' learning process.
    Type of Medium: Online Resource
    Pages: Illustrationen , grafische Darstellungen
    ISBN: 978-0-85432-984-7 , 978-0-85432-985-4
    Language: English
    Note: Literaturangaben S. 568
    FIS Link: 1063004
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